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Quality and environment policy

Quality and environment policy

The Can Lluc Boutique Country Hotel & Villas agritourism (Can GasparóS.L.) is a hotel establishment in a rural location of great environmental importance, in the very heart of the island of Ibiza.
Can Lluc started life as a farmhouse belonging to the grandfather of the current owner; theoriginal building still stands in the central area of the estate and its thick walls and wooden beams preserve the tranquillity and magic of rural Ibiza.

It is managed by Lucas Prats Ribas and his wife Tina Soriano Guasch and their family, with astaff of up to 15 in high season. This team is fundamental for the smooth running of the hotel.
Following a three year long refurbishment, the hotel opened its doors in 2003 and since then has continued to improve and extend its facilities and services with the objective of alwaysresponding to the customers’needs.

To certify its quality commitment to the client, Can Lluc is part of the SICTED programme (Integral Quality System of Tourist Destinations), managed by the Conselleria de Turisme delGovern Balear (Balearic Islands Region al Ministry of Tourism).

1 - To provide the client with a high-quality service, listening to the client before, during and after their stay, in the hope of exceeding their expectations and offering what they expect to find at Can Lluc.
2 - Well maintained facilities in perfect working use.
3 - Staff who receive ongoing training and are equipped to deal with any customer requirements and provide assistance in the event of emergency.

1 - The opinion of the clients is one of the most important pillars of the management system. Can Lluc is always happy to listen to opinions and suggestions from its client and act on those suggestions where possible.
2 - A system of quality surveys to provide information about the management and services following the customer's stay.
3 - Mystery guests and surprise audits, the results of which have demonstrated the good work and management underpinning the work of Can Lluc.
4 - The tourist operators Can Lluc works with demand high standards in the inspections they carry out before agreeing to work with the hotel and they take the opinions of their customers very seriously when deciding whether to continue working with Can Lluc
year after year.
5 - Plans for ongoing development, biannual audits by SICTED and the use of specific operating protocols.

Can Lluc is committed to minimizing its environmental impact by ensuring proper waste management and low energy consumption. By complying with its internal quality policy it shows a commitment to continuous improvement and to the environment.

Can Lluc Agritourism ’s environmental management system is certified by the ISO 14001 international standard.

Commitment to complying wi th current environmental legislation that is applicable to all products and services and all commitments for environmental protection, including preventing pollution and other specific commitments relevant to the context of the organisation.

Minimizing the adverse environmental impacts by constantly improving environmental management, preventing pollution, and cooperating with the local authorities in the event of an environmental accident.
Minimizing the environmental impacts associated with waste generation, enhancing its energy - saving policy and consuming less water and fuel by raising guests’awareness and requesting their cooperation and support for the environment.

Ensuring that the facilities are in perfect condition and ensuring that they are re gularly revised with the aim of minimizing the adverse environmental impact associated with effluent discharge, emissions to air and excess water and energy consumption.
By raising the awareness of guests, employees and companies associated with the agritourism, incentivising their cooperation and developing a special bond to conserve the environment and the surrounding natural landscape.
In summary, Can Lluc Boutique Country Hotel & Villas complies with all necessary measures to ensure its work is based o n excellence and is respectful of the environment and its rural setting. This is an important task in the current climate and its importance is transmitted both to the staff at the agritourism as well as the suppliers and collaborators and all guests.



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