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Start from scratch or practice yoga by booking one or more sessions.

Personalised yoga sessions

Yoga is an ancient practice that, through physical postures and different breathing and meditation exercises, connects the body and mind, and helps to improve the general state of health.
During your stay at Can Lluc, you can start or practice yoga by booking one or several sessions. With these private classes, the instructor adapts to your needs. These sessions are focused on working on managing emotions, helping you to become aware of your body and mind and to achieve a proactive approach to life.
These sessions include breathing exercises, a series of yoga postures adapted to your needs and a few minutes of meditation, to become aware of the body and mind, and help you to relax.
Through our yoga classes you will be able to calm your mind, forget your worries and learn to appreciate the present moment. In addition, these sessions help to improve breathing, flexibility, body posture, reduce pain, blood pressure and heart rate, anxiety and stress and, in general, are ideal for enhancing wellbeing.
Classes are taught by qualified instructors. Advance booking is required at the hotel or prior to arrival.

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