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In recent years, Ibiza has made a name for itself as a bastion of hedonism, nightlife and eccentric personalities. But far from making the island an outlier, Ibiza’s eccentricities have turned it into a magnet for celebrities, artists and personalities the world over. Fleeing the beach club, discothèque or hipster bar, they come seeking a magical refuge. That other Ibiza. The more authentic one, with olive trees, savina junipers, orange groves and fig trees. The one that lives at Can Lluc.

At the heart of the island and on the outskirts of artisan stronghold Sant Rafel is Can Lluc, an agritourism resort turned celeb hideaway. At the season’s close, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo and her husband, Omar Ayyashi, put in an appearance at Can Lluc’s on-site restaurant OLEA. The twosome had come with, in tow, the Ibiza Luxury Destination insignia. Can Lluc are affiliates, which meant Guillén and Ayyashi were treated to a relaxed evening and multiple chef specials.

The couple sat within close range of a table that weeks earlier accommodated owners Tina Soriano and Lucas Prats, who dined with this summer’s engaged-on-the-island pair, models Mireia Canalda and Felipe López. The former footballer and his top-model flame had a meal that was fresh, light and fun for a flavorful summer night.

Truly though, to experience Can Lluc one must stay in one of their 13 country inn rooms. World-class sports stars such as David Meca and world-class model Eugenia Silva have spent nights there. The Can Lluc family is particularly fond of the story surrounding Meca’s stay there: the whole team joined him as they highlighted their tour of the Mediterranean with an Ibiza pit-stop. The Can Lluc crew recalls an emotional evening waiting on pins and needles for news about the team’s crossing.

It was bound to happen. The influencers have infiltrated and we loved it. That’s right, figureheads of social media, like Barcelona blogger (and fashion and trend specialist) Aretha la Galleta, and Dutch bloggers Mürielle and Dutch Blend, have all stayed at Can Lluc.

Can Lluc has become a place to escape, to disconnect. Not to say that Ibiza ever stopped being about those things. The resort is the perfect symbol of that more countrified Ibiza. The one whose appeal transcends labels, the one people travel the world for. We’ve named the VIPs, the most visible ombudsmen, but the most sure-fire cues come from our clients. They confirm: a stay at Can Lluc is a dream.


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