‘Restyling’ in Can Lluc Hotel Rural: When luxury and sophistication coexist in the most rustic and rural Ibiza

  • The agritourism continues with the expansion and remodeling of its facilities with two new villas built in the purest rustic Ibizan style to offer an intimate, cozy and authentic atmosphere in a luxurious rural setting.


Ibiza, September 2021.- Far from the hectic movement and activity that takes place in many parts of Ibiza, the White Island is also a place to live slow life at its best. An ideal way is to enjoy the most authentic Ibizan atmosphere in a rural setting that combines simplicity with comfort and sophistication. An experience that transports you to memorable moments of emotional calm in a luxurious atmosphere.

These premises have been the pillars on which Can Lluc Hotel Rural has based its philosophy, combining the essence of the most authentic and traditional Ibiza with the sophistication and elegance of a space with character. For this reason, agritourism reinvents itself year after year, adapting to the new needs of both its customers and the environment.

New villas where you can breathe luxury without fanfare

Following the line drawn up in recent years, the new 1-bedroom Can Lluc Hotel Rural villas have been designed under an approach that leads to the most rural and genuine Ibiza as the best way to give them a rustic and sophisticated look. the time.

Following a sustainable line, but at the same time cosmopolitan, natural and noble materials such as oak or elm wood have been used to give the villa more personality. Likewise, natural cotton and linen fabrics dressed in neutral colors surround the space with a cozy warmth.

On the other hand, the Ibiza stone countertop and the solid elm floors reinforce the rural character of these new accommodations that have been painted, both inside and outside, a “pure white” that evokes the typical architecture of the island.

As for the outdoor equipment, they have a gardening system designed to use the minimum amount of water and have a shower on the outdoor terrace.

This type of rural accommodation allows you to enjoy direct contact with the environment and the natural environment. For this reason, choosing this type of accommodation facilitates sports practice and allows you to carry out various activities, from excursions through the forest discovering the magic of nature through its flora and fauna to restorative peace and relaxation baths.

On the other hand, a stay in a villa makes it easier to contribute to quality tourism through the consumption of local products and invites you to get to know the essence of the place. Likewise, it promotes the conservation of the environment, makes the regional culture known in order to maintain it and develops strategies to relaunch the local economy.

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