LA VANGUARDIA: Eivissa with all the senses to squeeze the summer to the end

Many do not know it, but there is another Eivissa where serenity prevails and where daylight eclipses night temptations. We find it in the lonely inland villages, where the farmers work the vineyards and the air is impregnated with the fragrance of fig trees. Inland, the island is a perfect symbiosis between a privileged natural environment and a return to the purest roots.

To get to know this other facet, the best thing to do is to sleep at the Hotel Rural Can Lluc, a luxurious agritourism hidden in a valley in the very heart of the island. It is the place to meet the rural Eivissa to disconnect in the countryside, with no more dedication than yourself. For this there are its personalized yoga sessions, the exquisite treatment of its hosts and the magic of an environment surrounded by nature.

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