ELLE ITALIA: There is a place in Ibiza where you can discover the rural soul of the Balearic island

  • Not only sea but also a rustic and more reserved soul in the green heart of the island

Girl of the sea and the countryside, that’s how they call Ibiza. Always in the trendy destinations on summer for its beaches, long and white like its nights, it also has a rural soul and is more reserved in the green heart of the island.

There is only one river in all the Balearic Islands, the Santa Eulària, and it flows into Ibiza, but since time immemorial those who grow crops or grow up here have made an effort to capture the precious fresh water. It is always surprising how green the interior of the island is, and it’s right in the middle of its centuries-old pine forests intertwined with olive trees, fig trees and vineyards where the Can Lluc agritourism is located, on the outskirts of the town of San Rafael, known for its handmade pottery.

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