Can Lluc Hotel Boutique & Villas, 15 years of dreams come true

The Ibizan retreat has been a sanctuary for Spanish and worldwide influencers and personalities like Murielle and Dutch Blend

For two months running, Ibiza’s boutique hotel has held the top spot on Hoteles con Encanto’s ranking of 250 country retreats

As Can Lluc Hotel Boutique & Villas turn fifteen this season, the retreat’s satisfied guests already number in the thousands. Memories are still fresh of visits from professional models/lovebirds Mireia Canalda and Felipe López, swimmer David Meca and Eugenia Silva, also a model. From farther afield, global influencers like Murielle and Dutch Blend have also spent time at Can Lluc. Proprietors Lucas Prats and Tina Soriano say the retreat was “a labour of love even when it was just a glimmer in our eye”. “Years of dreams have gone into making Can Lluc what it is today”, they quip, “and we’re thrilled to be able to share the love”.

It’s been an eventful year. Can Lluc continues a months-long streak atop the ratings-driven “Hoteles Con Encanto”, Fernando Gallardo’s classification of 250 Spanish boutique hotels. A veteran contributor to El País and, Gallardo is also a journalist, writer, conference speaker and analyst of emerging trends and concepts in tourism.

The ambitious project hatched by Can Lluc’s creators dates back to 2000, when Lucas Prats and Tina Soriano set out to create a retreat whose blend of tradition and culture left plenty of room for luxurious comfort and exclusive amenities. The couple’s crusade found them transforming a centuries-old ranch home into a boutique hotel in the heart of the Ibizan countryside. With help from architect José Torres, the site was restyled as a sanctuary. Original features like drystone walls and roofing made from a local variety of juniper can still be found today, brimming with all the beauty and charm of manual, artisan labour. Historic pieces and tools found across the property were dusted off and painstakingly restored so they could be reincorporated into the unique décor of each room. “Every detail counted”, says Tina Soriano, one half of Can Lluc’s founding force, “we wanted to get down to the nitty gritty as we decorated the rooms, chasing down the particular personality of each one”. In the heart of rural Ibiza, Can Lluc is nestled between thick pine groves. “We especially wanted to make use of the surrounding wilderness”, she confides.

Soriano says another thing they knew for certain was that the breathtaking nature enveloping Can Lluc would represent the retreat’s heart and soul. Can Lluc’s gardens have been handpicked by untold professionals hunting for the perfect place to capture Ibiza’s unique beauty. Today, as others follow suit, whether here for business or pleasure, guests have taken to the surrounding olive, fig and carob trees as their own personal fountains of inspiration.

At Can Lluc, we believe in using ingredients that are natural, healthy and plucked from the very ground you walk on…for one of a kind dishes that conquer taste buds and make for a wholly unique dining experience. “From the start it was clear that gastronomy would play a starring role”, affirms Soriano, “and it does”. The quest for excellence meant installing an on-site vegetable patch, which Can Lluc’s chefs turn to for simple dishes. They say it’s all about showcasing the qualities of each ingredient, vital to getting authentic Ibizan gastronomy right.

In 2009 the decision was made to expand. Eight new rooms were incorporated into the hotel using a concept that was unknown on the island at the time. Can Lluc’s minimalist villa-suites, nestled amidst nature and equipped with all the amenities one expects of a luxury holiday, were the end result. The expansion entailed creation of a new events hall, where a stone terrace and dense vegetation afford an added degree of intimacy. The space is intended for all manner of events. Interested in a low-profile wedding? Newlyweds will find all they need do the big day right.

Today, Can Lluc is a premier hotel that is not only sustainable, it’s an ecological treasure, too. And the time you’ll spend here will be truly restful. Personalized yoga instruction, massages and other pampering are all provided at the wellness center and gym, which by the way, has glazed walls to let the light in. As the hotel turns fifteen, our mission is clearer than ever: giving guests Ibiza at its most natural, without sparing any of the luxury or comfort.

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