Can Lluc, Ibiza’s eco-friendly pioneers

Can Lluc Boutique Country Hotel & Villas have become the earth-smart pioneers of Ibiza and Formentera. It is no accident that one of Can Lluc’s main draws, apart from an aesthetic approach guided by respect for traditional Ibizan building styles, is the breathtaking nature that envelops the retreat in the heart of Ibiza.

That deep environmental awareness is precisely what has driven Can Lluc’s 15-year commitment to green practices in the hotel’s short and long games.

Can Lluc have obtained certification under Aenor’s internationally-recognised ISO 14001 programme, meaning the retreat adheres to strict quality-control and eco-friendly standards.

In fact, Can Lluc undergo periodic checks to certify their ongoing respect for this committment.

The retreat is also endorsed by SICTED, a comprehensive quality-control system for travel destinations under the tourism office of the Govern Balear.

Such accreditation translates into simple acts which, taken together, have a tangible impact on the surrounding environment. Solar panels to guarantee clean hot water are just one example that makes for serious reductions in the hotel’s energy consumption.

Something else we’re particularly proud of at Can Lluc is the saline electrolyis-powered system we use to filter our swimming pool, swapping out synthetic chlorine with inputs like water and salt. Our source for the salt used in the filtering system? Local salterns.

Measures like these are aimed at prevention, but they complement other, action-driven ones as well.

To ensure optimised care for Can Lluc’s surroundings, the retreat has teamed up with Balearic forest services and the local coalition of owners of land near forests (APFDE) to instal one of twenty water reservoirs positioned across the island.

The reservoirs are about making work easier for land- or sea-based emergency response teams by providing readily-available sources of water to fight wildfires.


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