Sustainability report 2023

Can Lluc Hotel Rural

One of the most magical corners of this 100% Ibiza universe is the rural hotel Can Lluc. Located in the heart of the island, it is situated in a tranquil valley of great ecological value, surrounded by forests of pine, carob, and ancient olive trees.

It boasts a plantation of 2,000 vines that complete a landscape dotted with fruit trees, pulsating in the midst of nature. Its idyllic location perfectly reproduces the Mediterranean spirit that lingers in every corner of its facilities, where tradition and modernity coexist in harmony.

Agrotourism Can Lluc is located 2.8 kilometers from San Rafael, the geographical center of the island, and just 10 minutes from Ibiza and San Antonio. The hotel currently has 25 rooms, including 6 doubles, 5 superior rooms, and 14 villas, all with private gardens. Additionally, there are two vacation homes: Can Jaume Curt, with a capacity for five people, and Can Prats, with a capacity for four people.

Our approach


The mission of our company is to make our guests happy by offering exclusive accommodation in rural and authentic Ibiza, benefiting from the relaxation and tranquility we provide, setting ourselves apart in the industry.


Our business vision as a family company is to contribute through our activities to conserve and improve the island so that future generations can proudly inherit our legacy.


All of this leads us to work based on the following values:

Commitment: We base our small contribution to caring for the planet on preserving and improving what is within our reach.

Sustainability: We work towards sincere sustainability in all its aspects: economic, cultural, environmental, and social. This involves not only the territory but also people, traditions, local economy, and the society in which we operate. We seek to minimize and offset our environmental footprint to the fullest extent.

Community: We involve not only the management and employees but also encourage our collaborators and customers, as well as the relevant public authorities, to take a proactive stance.

Authenticity: Because we carry out actions with conviction and seek the satisfaction of a job well done.


We are increasingly aware of our duty to care for the environment and our surroundings, ensuring that we do not harm the world in which we live.

Sustainability seeks the development of our activities without compromising future generations. Therefore, it encompasses environmental, economic, and social aspects.

The type of sustainable tourism aspired to by this company is one that seeks to satisfy the needs and desires of tourists and the industry, taking into account the long-term repercussions of activities. Therefore, initiatives are taken in various areas and actions.

Our actions in 2023

  • Energy efficiency and development of renewable energies: photovoltaic and thermal solar panels.

    With the recently installed photovoltaic solar panels at Can Lluc, along with two grid inverters, we have achieved almost a 50% reduction in the total hotel consumption during the high season. The hotel also features thermal solar panels for domestic hot water (DHW). Additionally, new units have been equipped with aerothermal pumps, further reducing electrical consumption.

  • Waste reduction and pollution control.

    Our “plastic-free” policy aims to reduce, reuse, and recycle all plastic. At Can Lluc, waste is sorted for recycling, and this practice is encouraged among staff.

  • Sustainable management and awareness: consciousness.

    At the Rural Hotel Can Lluc, we aim to raise awareness among both customers and employees about the need for responsible and sustainable consumption. A proactive attitude towards these standards is conveyed before, during, and after each guest’s stay.

  • Collaboration with Ibiza Preservation:

    The arrival of snakes with olive trees from the mainland threatens the Ibiza wall lizard, a native animal of the island, putting it at risk of extinction. Can Lluc joins the Ibiza Preservation project by distributing various snake traps throughout the hotel’s estate. In this way, the aim is to protect Ibiza’s ecosystems.

  • Social commitment: collaboration with the elderly association, the parish, the ball pages group, and the football club of Sant Rafel, among others.

    The nearest town to the hotel, San Rafael, is only 2.9 km away. Here, the Can Lluc family history begins, and it is in this town where efforts are made to promote culture and societal growth.

    Therefore, Can Lluc collaborates with the ball pages group, the elderly association, and the parish by contributing hotel nights for raffles within each association. Furthermore, Can Lluc’s corporate culture aims to promote sports, leading to collaborations with the Sant Rafel football club. The total value of the raffles amounts to €1,200, supporting this small community.

  • Support for local commerce: local products (km0).

    The restaurant menu features a considerable variety of local products, always maintaining the quality of dishes with local produce and supporting local consumption.

  • Tourism Responsibility and Quality certificates:

Más información:

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Hotel Rural Can Lluc
Ctra. A Santa Inés km 2. 07816 San Rafael.

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