OK DIARIO: Five ‘dog friendly’ hotels for your last summer getaway

You have probably already gone on vacation with your family and friends, but there is one last getaway to do with your pet. We know that he is one more member of the family and many times he cannot accompany us due to the prohibitions in the hotels. Although more and more resorts allow our dog friends to accompany us, we have made a selection of 5 of our favorites. Marbella, Santiago, Tenerife, Ibiza and San Sebastián are the chosen destinations. So, don’t unpack your suitcase, there’s the last getaway of the summer to dog-friendly hotels.

The Rural Hotel Can Lluc

The luxury Rural Hotel Can Lluc is located in the heart of Ibiza, surrounded by lush pine forests and beautiful landscapes where your dog can run freely. It has 20 rooms that offer luxury and comfort in a decorative style that manages to transport the guest to an authentic and rural Ibiza, with impressive views of the gardens, panoramic views of the countryside and the surrounding vineyards.

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