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For us, each season, each client and each dinner guest is special. Friendly service is our promise and guarantee—that each one of Can Lluc Boutique Country Hotel’s visitors leave satisfied and wearing a smile. That’s why the ultimate reward for our efforts is the comments you offer, and the affection you show, like when you took our score from 8.6 to 9. And what else can we say? “Thank you” is hardly enough.

There on our, you took notice, and ranked our bar 9.4 out of 10 as a place for couples. In your comments, you gushed about our healthy breakfasts, and raved about the surroundings, the reigning sense of calm and our location, a few short minutes from anywhere on the island. We think it’s important that during your stay at Can Lluc Boutique Country Hotel you take full advantage of everything we offer, from a summer morning spent lounging poolside to a winter afternoon reading by the fire.

Your comments are immensely important to our ability to keep improving our services. Each holiday is unique, and each family, wedding and event comes with a sense of hopeful anticipation that we share as our very own. Having your special moments unfold in our home is an honour, which is why hearing that it was a success is the best feedback we can get, so keep it coming.


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