The Huffpost’s article has only cozy words for us. You just only have to read this post to feel Can Lluc’s essence. They describe us like: “Can Lluc is a frontrunner in the agrotourism wave sweeping the island”.

We want to share with all of you the lovely’s viewpoint Huffpost have to our Hotel: “The Agroturismo Can Lluc, a recently renovated estate in the heart of rural Ibiza, is a must-visit for any conscious traveller. Family-run, cleverly designed and fully committed to preserving the natural beauty of the Mediterranean, Can Lluc is a frontrunner in the agrotourism wave sweeping the island.

Peaceful. Away. Finally. These were the first three words to cross my mind when I arrived at Can Lluc late one evening to amber lights illuminating the rustic walkway up to the main hotel.

Can Lluc is about the intimate, relaxing experience, it’s about the recharge you need before you go out again to face the buzzing town. With its rustic charms it also reminds you that aside from world-renowned clubs and bars, Ibiza has some of the most beautiful landscapes and scenes of natural wonder to behold this side of the globe”.

Our first aim is offer the best guest service and comforts. Do you want to keep reading?

Autoría: Huffpost
Autoría: Huffpost
Autoría: Huffpost
Autoría: Huffpost


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