Six plans to enjoy the most diverse Ibiza

  • Its diversity and heterogeneity means that the largest of the Pitiusas Islands continues to attract thousands of tourists every year.

Ibiza, September 2022 If there is one thing that drives travellers to discover the island of Ibiza and Formentera or to return to enjoy it – more than 1,500,000 tourists in Ibiza-Formentera up to July – it is that Multifaceted Ibiza, a mosaic full of culture, nature, beaches, leisure and good gastronomy.. An Ibiza that welcomes all types of visitors, from those looking to party to those seeking the calm and disconnection of the island.

Some of the activities that allow you to explore the various facets of the Balearic island in its fullness include:

1. Sailing on its turquoise waters
One of the best ways to see Ibiza’s coastline at its best is to embark on a relaxing sea trip and explore the island by boat. With landscapes to suit all tastes, there are magical places that are a must, such as its coves. Some of the island’s more than 80 must-see beaches are Cala Bassa, Cala Conta, Cala Salada and Cala Vadella.

From an aperitif and champagne on a sailing boat, to a sunset on a catamaran, a party on a boat, or an excursion to Formentera.. A plan not to be missed as it is one of Ibiza’s most beautiful showcases.

2. Contemplating the richness of Mediterranean biodiversity
Another different option for discovering another of Ibiza’s facets is to visit the Ses Salines d’Eivissa i Formentera Natural Park, which stretches from the south of Ibiza to the north of Formentera and is home to a large part of the Posidonia oceanica meadows, declared a World Heritage Site in Ibiza in 1999. With various marine and terrestrial reserves, it is a good place to observe the rich Mediterranean biodiversity, where its uniqueness lies in creating a resting and nesting area for birds on their migrations.

As a natural area of special interest, it encompasses a set of terrestrial and marine habitats, with ecological, scenic, historical and cultural values of the highest international order.

3. A walk through history and culture
Since ancient times, the island has been conquered by different civilisations. Phoenicians, Punics, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs and Christians have dominated Ibiza throughout its history. For this reason, its heritage is based on a historical-artistic heritage of immense value.

There are several activities to get to know its varied culture, from searching for the footprints of the Punics, to going around its walls, experiencing the museumisation of Dalt Vila, visiting the Phoenician settlement of Sa Caleta, strolling around the colonial buildings or, why not, investigating the hippie culture.

4. Get active through sport
Thanks to its location and climate, Ibiza is a destination where you can practice all kinds of sports in the heart of nature all year round, such as kayaking, diving, sailing, surfing, surfing, mountain biking, hiking, swimming, golf, tennis, volleyball, motor racing and jogging.

Sailing on a paddle surfboard and discovering the most beautiful corners of Port de Sant Miquel and Benirràs, playing golf at the Ibiza Golf Course (Roca Llisa), climbing the Buda route in San José, hiking around the Es Moscarter lighthouse in Portinatx or the Plà de Corona in Santa Inés, or going sport fishing, are just some of the plans for sports lovers that this active island has to offer. Activities that also allow you to enjoy incredible views.

5. Nightlife
The Balearic island’s cultural and natural heritage with a relaxing flavour coexists perfectly with the parties, glamorous beaches and musical trends. Authentic and cosmopolitan, it is home to the world’s best clubs and DJs and the biggest and most innovative discotheques. That’s why thousands of people flock to the island every year just to experience Ibiza’s internationally famous nightclub parties. Even in winter you can experience this atmosphere in places like Las Dalias or Teatro Ibiza (the old Teatro Pereyra).

Ibiza’s nightlife is always innovating and offering a cutting-edge offer that never ceases to surprise.

6. Staying in rural hotels
A good accommodation adapted to different profiles of travellers is the Hotel Rural Can Llucthe luxury agrotourism in the middle of nature welcomes guests who are looking for peace and relaxation on the island, as well as those who are looking for parties and leisure activities, but at the same time value the comfort and quality of a good rest during the day.

Given its excellent location in the centre of the island, just ten minutes by car from any destination on the white island, the establishment allows you to enjoy the most multifaceted Ibiza.


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