This July, for the fourth straight month, Can Lluc secured a spot on Hoteles con Encanto’s TOP 10. The scorecard of the country’s leading “hotels with charm” is compiled by Fernando Gallardo, a prestigious journalist/speaker/El País hotel critic/author of El País Aguilar’s yearly Guía Hoteles con Encanto.

Driven by votes from Internet surfers, hotel guests and readers, Can Lluc’s impressive rise can be tied to the agritourism resort’s status as one of Spain’s most charming hotels.

But what exactly is a “hotel with charm”? How is it different from a traditional hotel?

  • The most fetching overnight accommodation on Ibiza is neither on the coast nor in the city. True charm is found by leaving behind the hustle and bustle of tourist centres and going rural.
  • SPECIAL TOUCHES. “Hotels with charm” are places (also called agritourism destinations) which differentiate themselves by focusing on the details. Who cares if you break schedule? Guests should be able to enjoy breakfast even if they’ve woken up late. What’s important isn’t sticking to the script in terms of eating meals in dining rooms; it’s being able to eat in the garden or on the terrace if that’s what you fancy. Who needs a boring old check-in when your first contact should really be about a warm greeting, a kind smile and a cup of cava as soon as you walk through the door? What’s “service” if we can’t make you feel we’ve done everything we can to meet your requests?
  • Breathe easy. Experience true relaxation. The silence of your surroundings will help you reconnect with the voice within. Forget schedules.
  • FRIENDLY STAFF. Staff are both professional and easy going. Friendly, but committed to upholding the highest quality standards.
  • The proprietors are involved from start to finish in the hotel’s management. A quality guarantee in itself.
  • Our personalised decor breaks with tradition; the use given each room is based on its past function; personal touches like sheets, towels and welcome material are handpicked by the hotel’s owners.
  • From the architecture down to the decorations, Ibiza’s “hotels with charm” have got a family story to tell. Besides the artwork that arrays a typical room, the seamless pairing of comfort, freshness and tradition is just what you’ll want in a holiday. Guests love learning the story behind each house and getting a sense of what life was like for the men and women who lived here and tilled it for years.
  • ACTIVITIES IN TUNE WITH EACH SETTING. “Hotels with charm” specially design their activities to fit with the surrounding environment or else coordinate them with like-minded businesses: tastings of olive oils, wine and other local produce; yoga sessions; hikes and activities for nature lovers.
  • Many “hotels with charm” possess restaurants that specialise in traditional favourites and base their particular brand of gastronomy in large part on local produce. Often a hotel has got either its own vegetable garden or plantations of olive trees, grape vines or orange trees. The harvest? You guessed it. Our chefs use it back in the kitchen. Restaurant teams know the surrounding areas and seasonal produce inside out, so count on asking them for tips on the spots to see.
  • REAL BONDS. Our limited size makes for close relationships with our guests. These very often become lasting friendships.

That’s how we do it here at Can Lluc, so why not check us out on your next Ibiza getaway? Remember: if you want a charming holiday, look for a charming hotel.

Choose a hotel with charm.

Choose Can Lluc.


Find out about the 10 most charming hotels in Spain, according to El País hotel critic Fernando Gallardo (April 2017):


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